New Release!

“Buell’s Eye I” is my latest release and it is out now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. 

Buell's Eye by Lita Camdyn
Buell’s Eye by Lita Camdyn

New Release!!!

My latest release,Bar Scene Marine III: Always Faithful, the trilogy finale of Bar Scene Marine is out now on Kindle!!

Bar Scene Marine III: Always Faithful by Lita Camdyn
Bar Scene Marine III: Always Faithful by Lita Camdyn

Lana and Tyler are on their way to true romance.

The SEX is hot, the bodies are hard, and their feelings are true…

There are just some things in the way.

Things like jealousy, pride, and sins of the past.

Tyler is tough and Lana is beautiful, but did they rush in and take things too far?

Can Lana rely on Tyler in all of his Marine Corps glory when life becomes an absolute nightmare?

New Book! Awakening Desires I

My latest release, Awakening Desires Part 1 is now out on Amazon!

Awakening Desires I by Lita Camdyn
Awakening Desires I by Lita Camdyn


“You’ve been flirting with me all night,” I accused, speaking in a hushed voice with his lips so close to my own. Close enough to kiss.

“You liked it,” he confidently quipped. “You don’t want me to stop.”

Incensed by his arrogance, I bared down and stood my ground. “What I want is for you to give me my phone and get out of my way right this instant.”

“But that’s not what I want,” Kyle whispered.

Poor KeiLani Meadows. No Friends and No Man.

That is until the day she decides to finally take the reins in her life and marches out into the burgeoning night looking for a good hard drink.

What she finds instead is a good HARD man.

But one taste and one touch is never enough.

Is there any going back once Kyle Winters awakens all of KeiLani’s primal desires?